Screen door repair and replacement in Agoura Hills

I do Screen door repair in Agoura Hills and replacement for all openings. Backyard patio screen door replacement is not as easy as it may look.  Just ask yourself if you have been having problems with you sliding screen door and how many times you use it. The back yard sliding screen is one of the most used doors in the home, if not, the most used door in the home. One of the main problems with rolling screen doors is that, if you look at your closely you will probably see that your screen has plastic parts.  Plastic hardware parts on screens, sun, rain and time don’t mix, especially when you through in that it is going to be the most used door in the house. Before getting a new screen for your patio area, make sure they come with all metal parts. I have samples and I give free estimates. call 805 304-6778

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors For Less


Thousand Oaks screen doors for less and made custom onsite. Sliding screen door replacement is a big part of my business and I consider myself a a pro because of what my clients say, and the referrals I get. Patio screen door replacement is usually what clients ask for because the patio screen doors are what people use the most. I handle a big part of the Thousand Oaks screen door repair as well since I concentrate my self there the most. The screen door hardware parts that I fix the most is the rollers.  The rolling screen doors for the patio are a door of the home that is use a lot and needs to roll right, if not you will struggle with it everyday.

Sliding patio screen doors are our backyard access and we use them a lot. I do not recommend buying cheap screen doors, they will not work properly due to all the plastic parts on them. You should not buy aluminum screen doors with plastic handles or rollers because they will not work right from day one. i only seel all metal part sliders that are made custom and will last. I guarantee them for 10 years. The rollers are steel, the handles are metal and the locks are solid metal giving them a security screen doors feel.  You can latch it closed with a strong metal lock I install on the wall and makes it much better than any slider on the market.

The screen door mesh that I use is the best and the most used due to it’s versatility. The clears screen door mesh is best known for the clear transparency and is easy to see through it. The basic insect screen is the most used and works great keeping the bugs out.  If you have problems with dogs and cats, the pets screen is the best for that because it does not rip or tear as easy and last a lot longer, being 7 times stronger. So is you need screen door in Thousand Oaks, give me a call!


Simi Valley Window Screens and Screen Doors

Simi Valley window screens and screen doors installed new, replaced and repaired is my specialty, and has been for 17 years. If you need aluminum patio sliding screen doors that are custom and you need them to last, I have the extruded door screen the is a track sliding miracle. Even if you tracks are in bad shape, bent, cracked or rusted, this screen door that I have been installing in Simi Valley is going to make your day, month, year! you’ll love them!

Simi Valley window screen installations are dome twice a week and I guarantee all my work.  The frames for the window screens come in several colors and I do have samples to show you upon request. All hardware and material are installed professionally and choice of mesh is also up to your needs. We have window screen samples as well.

Camarillo Sliding Screen Doors Installation

I do Screen doors onsite in Camarillo for patio doors with all aluminum metal sliding screens that roll smooth and will not give you any problems for years.  I guarantee all my work and new screen doors. Everytime I install door screens in Camarillo and have been doing mobile screens nsite for over 17 years. Metal parts is very important in screen doors, and are the best option when it comes to choosing a sliding screen that is going to go back and fourth many times.

Newbury Park Sliding Screen Door Custom Made

I have been making custom patio sliding screen doors in Newbury Park for over 17 years and have many happy, repeat customers. Are you having problems with your patio screen door? I replace and repair screen doors in Newbury Park for a living and I am the best at what I do and i guarantee it for 10 years!  I only sell and install the best sliding screen doors with all metal hardware parts and are hassle free screens.  They slide perfect, smooth and quite.  You will simply love the easyglide screen doors I install. Give me a call for a free estimate onsite.

Thousand Oaks Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Calling me for Thousand oaks sliding scren doors service is easy and convenient. I come to you and do screen repair and replacement on the spot. I only use top quality materials that last with time, sun and rain.  All metal hardware parts for the frames. Like metal rollers and metl handles.  Thousand Oaks screen door repair is one of my biggest orders, so if you need any work done, give me a call

I install Screen Doors In Agoura Hills

I install Screen Doors In Agoura Hills weekly and its all made custom and on the spot. Aluminum frames for the patio screens come in white, bronze, which is like a dark or, some people even describe it as black, and gray. The colors are not pray painted they are a baked enamel process that is done for a better no chipping finish and they also do not fade at all.  All the parts on these screen doors are metal hardware parts are heavy duty and will last for years.

Screen Repair Westlake Village, Agoura Hills Custom Screen Doors

My mobile screen service comes to you. Need screen repair? I do custom screen doors built and installed and custom window screen installed as well. I service Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Oak Park and Thousand Oaks Areas.

I have every screen product serve you:

  • Dog Proof Screening
  • Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors
  • Window Screens
  • Custom Screens
  • Solar Screening
  • Security Screen Doors
  • Swing-out Screen Doors
  • Patio Screen Enclosures

I come to you and solve all your screen problems on the spot!

I can help you with your , sliding screen door, patio screen doors, front screen door, swinging screen door, screen repair, window screens, security alarm screens, solar screens, dog proof screens, security alarm screens, sun screening.  Call me today for a free quote.  I service… Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Moorpark and Simi Valley California areas.

Marcelo’s Screen Repair Service.

Screen doors repaired in Westlake Village

I do screen door repair in Westlake Village for patio screen door and window screens. all the work I do pis guaranteed and the material I use is the highest quality. I measure and make everything on the spot for your convenience and the best fitting screen doors and window screens. I went to Westlake Village today to replace a sliding screen door that had fallen off track time and time again. When the rollers on a slider door screen get old and rusted the need to either be lubed or replace, if they re plastic they probably are cracked and in this case they will need to be changed for new wheels.I do it all and I come to you!

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Repaired Onsite

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Repaired Onsite with just one call! I come to you with my mobile screen door repair and replacement servcie that I’ve been doing for over 17 years and do a complete screen door check up at no charge. If you are tired of struggling with you aluminum patio sliding screen doors, it might be the time to call someone to give them a free check up.

In this picture above you can see how clear pet screen is.  This customer in Thousand Oaks called to replace his screen door because he was having lots of problems with it.  You can see that this sliding screen door is well over 40 years old and I was  able to fix it and rescreen it withe the new mesh, fiberglass insect screen material Pet Screen, and he and she, loved it. I would say that this old, all metal screen door is probably good for another 10 to 15 years more of easy and smooth slidng.

Westlake Village Screen Doors Installed Onsite

Westlake Village Screen Doors Installations daily onsite. I measure a make patio aluminum metal sliding screen doors so the run on the tracks perfect. I make them by specially measuring at 7 spots of the glass door encasement opening and getting the right size.  They will slide smooth yet will not get caught and fall off tracks.

Bottom track of a Westlake Village Screen doors job

Some customers ask if the condition of the bottom or top track and channel have a lot to do with the sliding of the screen doors if they are not in the best condition and the answer is, Not really. Most houses I do screen repair and replacement in are in very bad condition due to the outdoor elements, but the steel rollers that come standard in the screen door I install are truly the best.  The 1″ steel adjustable, ball bearing rollers are made to glide on top of the tracks and if they are worn then the sides of the rollers will roll and carry the frame across just as good. They are all around the best patio screens you can get for your home in Westlake Village.

Oak Park Screen Door Expert Service

Oak Park screen door expert repair and replacement service of the highest quality aluminum patio screen doors made custom on the spot. I come to you, measure and make nice sliding screens that don’t fail and will not come off the tracks.  Getting stuck is another big problem with sliders and the way I make mine after 17 years is perfect and I give a 10 year guarantee to back it up.

Oak Park custom made screen door on the spot

Enamel coated frames for the nicest look and the best baked enamel finish for longevity.  They simply will not chip or fade like harware store screen frames.  When a screen has spray paint for the color coating, it does not last with the sun and rain unfortunately.  If you are looking to stop fighting your doo screen in Oak Park please consider getting a real, all metal part sliding screen door for a great slide.

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Onsite

Thousand Oaks screen door custom cut on the spot for a better fit and slide. We repair screens all the time and one of the biggest problems is patio screens falling off the tracks. The reason a screen door will come of the rail is poor measuring to start and second poor rollers are installed to save money. Plastic rollers will only last for a very short legion in comparison with steal wheels that we install standard on all my screen sliding doors.

Thousand Oaks screen doors custom made onsite

If a screen is cut too short or too big you will always have sliding and sticking problems for the life of the screen door. So if you live in the Thousand Oaks area and think it might be time to improve your patio sliding screen, give me a call. 805 304-6778

Newbury Park Screen Doors Made on The Spot!

Custom Made, Newbury Park Screen Doors

In Newbury Park I make special screen doors on the spot for you convenience and the best fitting and sliding screen doors available. All aluminum patio screen sliders door should always have…Metal Handles, Metal Rollers, Metal Locks.

If you do not get all metal hardware parts on a new screen door you will have sliding and working problems due to the sun and rain. with plastic pars you need to be ready for screen repair and replacement in just a few seasons, that also, I can guarantee! I have been installing the best easyslide screen doors for years and all my customers love them. So if you are in Newbury Park and need screen doors installed or repaired my service specializes in mobile screen repair on the spot. I do all the work peronally with NO employees. Window screen and custom screens are also something I do.

Agoura hills sliding patio screen doors

Patio sliding screen doors replaced in agoura hills on the spot. My onside service takes care of hundreds of customers every year with their screen door repair problems in Agoura hills.

Nice new white sliding screen door comparison

The heavy duty patio sliding screens are the best for the money because they are made out of long lasting metal parts, like steel and extruded aluminum. No plastic parts on screen doors is my company rule because I like referrals. Getting a screen door with all metal parts will make it last and slide smooth for years.

Thousand Oaks Screen Door Repair Service

Thousand Oaks screen door replacement and repair mobile service that offers the best in sliding screens. Aluminum frames and hardware parts included and with a standard guaranteed. For added security the patio screen door come with metal handles and metal lock latch that are the best.

Standard heavy duty metal lock for security on my screen doors

I know everyone that has sliding screen problems has plastic parts. Plastic handles break, crack and the locks don’t work right on these either. Plastic rollers fall apart, crack and crumble with just a few seasons. All this can be avoided with metal parts, plastic does not last under the elements only metal parts on a sliding screen door will work good.

Simi Valley Screen Door

If you need a screen door in Simi Valley I make them custom on the spot and with all metal hardware parts. No plastic parts the crack a beak off like those black handles is important if you want the screen doors to last and slide the way a good patio screen should slide on the tracks.

Screen Doors Simi Valley rollers are steel and work in a way the cheap plastic wheels don’t also they are very easily adjusted and are sealed lubed for no maintenance hassle free rolling. the frame is strong and very good for heavy traffic and the finishes are, white, gray and bronze. Handle are metal as well and look great and are easy to grab.  call us for a free in house estimate! 805 304-6778

Camarillo Sliding Screen Door Replacement

Camarillo screen door replacement has been a big part of my business for the past 17 years. The best screen doors are made on the spot and thats what I do. Getting sliding screens with all metal hardware and roller parts is a must, considering that the are out in the elements and are the most used door in the house.

White solid metal screen door handle

I measure the the top and bottom tracks so your screen door does not fall off track and the best part of these screens are that the handles are not black plastic, they are all metal and match the door color. For heavy use in mind, comfort and looks. I do all types of screen repair and I will come out for small jobs too!

Agoura Hills Screen Door Install Service

I work in Agoura Hills installing screen Doors and doing all types of screen repair and replacement, and have many satisfied customers. Aluminum sliding screen doors for patios that are custom cut and installed onsite are the best screens to get. You will never have to struggle with it anymore form the day I install it.

Gray anodized screen door frame

The anodized gray frames are the best working, lasting and looking frames for you patio doors. They are not spray painted like those other sliders Doit Center has. They are something that will last, even with a big family lots of pets and lots of traffic.  I guarantee it for ten years, but don’t worry these Screen doors are well known for last three to four times that amount of time.