Thousand Oaks Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Calling me for Thousand oaks sliding scren doors service is easy and convenient. I come to you and do screen repair and replacement on the spot. I only use top quality materials that last with time, sun and rain.  All metal hardware parts for the frames. Like metal rollers and metl handles.  Thousand Oaks screen door repair is one of my biggest orders, so if you need any work done, give me a call

Buying a new sliding screen door in Thousand Oaks

Spring is just around the corner and you might be year to get a dream sling screen door for your patio this season. Thousand Oaks is the  heart of our area and we sell a lot of patio doors in the spring and summer.  the best seller is the extruded metal screen door which can last up to 30 to 40 years in very good condition.

Since it is made with only metal part and rollers it will not give you and problems sliding across the tracks, no matter if they are not in the best condition. Give us a call and we will personally come to you for a free estimate and show you a sample of what just about everyone in Thousand Oaks is getting for their insect problems.

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors

We do upgrades on screen doors that have seen better days. Working on a older home today in Thousand Oaks a client wanted to not spend a lot of money and asked me to please just repair her patio door, so we checked it first to see if it was possible and got started.

For an upgrade we first take out the old mesh, then we make sure the frame is straight to put on new screen.  After the frame id in good condition we install new rollers and adjust them for a proper fit.  All doors are different but we have been doing it for over 15 years and we specialize.