Mobile Screen Repair in Thousand Oaks

We have been repairing screen doors for years but it looks like lately it’s been in Thousand Oaks.  Most of the work we do is repair and being mobile is a big convenience for homeowners.  Fixing a screen is not easy, it may seem easy but it’s not.  For a sliding screen door to slide good on the track and not fall off you need to know how to adjust it right.

Do you use your patio screen a lot? yes is what all my lients say and followed by “It’s the door I use the most”  do you realy want to try and fix something that is used 10 20 times a day if not more?  Not to metion the kids pushing on the mesh and cat’s and dogs jumping and crawling on them.  When it comes to screen doors they need to be in good working condition and slide right.  Why do you think most people hate the way their patio door works?  Because they don’t slide good and they don’t think they are important enough to fix them properly or replace the screen so they don’t have to suffer day in and day out. Is not suffering anymore important to you?  then start by calling us for a totally free estimate, no strings attached.

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