Screen door repair and replacement in Agoura Hills

I do Screen door repair in Agoura Hills and replacement for all openings. Backyard patio screen door replacement is not as easy as it may look. ┬áJust ask yourself if you have been having problems with you sliding screen door and how many times you use it. The back yard sliding screen is one of the most used doors in the home, if not, the most used door in the home. One of the main problems with rolling screen doors is that, if you look at your closely you will probably see that your screen has plastic parts. ┬áPlastic hardware parts on screens, sun, rain and time don’t mix, especially when you through in that it is going to be the most used door in the house. Before getting a new screen for your patio area, make sure they come with all metal parts. I have samples and I give free estimates. call 805 304-6778