Thousand Oaks Screen Doors For Less


Thousand Oaks screen doors for less and made custom onsite. Sliding screen door replacement is a big part of my business and I consider myself a a pro because of what my clients say, and the referrals I get. Patio screen door replacement is usually what clients ask for because the patio screen doors are what people use the most. I handle a big part of the Thousand Oaks screen door repair as well since I concentrate my self there the most. The screen door hardware parts that I fix the most is the rollers.  The rolling screen doors for the patio are a door of the home that is use a lot and needs to roll right, if not you will struggle with it everyday.

Sliding patio screen doors are our backyard access and we use them a lot. I do not recommend buying cheap screen doors, they will not work properly due to all the plastic parts on them. You should not buy aluminum screen doors with plastic handles or rollers because they will not work right from day one. i only seel all metal part sliders that are made custom and will last. I guarantee them for 10 years. The rollers are steel, the handles are metal and the locks are solid metal giving them a security screen doors feel.  You can latch it closed with a strong metal lock I install on the wall and makes it much better than any slider on the market.

The screen door mesh that I use is the best and the most used due to it’s versatility. The clears screen door mesh is best known for the clear transparency and is easy to see through it. The basic insect screen is the most used and works great keeping the bugs out.  If you have problems with dogs and cats, the pets screen is the best for that because it does not rip or tear as easy and last a lot longer, being 7 times stronger. So is you need screen door in Thousand Oaks, give me a call!