Thousand Oaks Screen Doors On The Spot!

Thousand Oaks Screen Door made on the spot!  Heavy duty custom made aluminum patio screen doors measured and cut at you place. Include the pet screen for added for a 7 times stronger strength for your dogs claws. The sliders we make are the kind that you will not have to fight with, it seems our customer always have a problem seeing eye to eye with their sliding screen door.

If you have struggle with the door you use the most in the house there is a problem with it.

  1. The reason for this wide spread screen door problem is the when builders build a house in most cases they put in the cheapest screens possible.
  2. People usually think that a screen door can be the cheapest thing they can find

If you get any screen you can fing for a few bucks don’t expect not to have sliding problems.  A new screen with plastic parts may slide good for a while but eventually you will have sliding and working issues with it. The sliders I install will last in great condition for 30 years and without you, the cstomer ever having to deal with it.

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