Westlake Village Screen Doors Installed Onsite

Westlake Village Screen Doors Installations daily onsite. I measure a make patio aluminum metal sliding screen doors so the run on the tracks perfect. I make them by specially measuring at 7 spots of the glass door encasement opening and getting the right size.  They will slide smooth yet will not get caught and fall off tracks.

Bottom track of a Westlake Village Screen doors job

Some customers ask if the condition of the bottom or top track and channel have a lot to do with the sliding of the screen doors if they are not in the best condition and the answer is, Not really. Most houses I do screen repair and replacement in are in very bad condition due to the outdoor elements, but the steel rollers that come standard in the screen door I install are truly the best.  The 1″ steel adjustable, ball bearing rollers are made to glide on top of the tracks and if they are worn then the sides of the rollers will roll and carry the frame across just as good. They are all around the best patio screens you can get for your home in Westlake Village.